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My ever so sweet husband recently advised me that I’ve been posting too many recipes and not talking enough about nutrition.  Fine Joseph.  Just so you all know, I love posting recipes and will often get on those tangents.  His idea for this post is for me to discuss a typical food day for me.  I’ve already mentioned that I tend to stay away from carbs in the evening, but I haven’t really gone into detail otherwise.  So here is an entirely possible (and likely) day in the eating life of one fit drunk:

Wake up

Drink approximately 2 cups of coffee while getting ready – I use raw sugar and unsweetened almond milk

Breakfast (carb it up)

*Preface – I usually bake muffins on the weekends for us to have for breakfasts for the week.  If I don’t have time for that we tend to go with Cliff Mojo bars.

One muffin

Fruit (right now we’re on a Satsuma tangerine kick)

Yogurt with granola – I LOVE the Brown Cow brand yogurts at Whole Foods.  I highly recommend them.  Also, we buy local granola at the store and add that.


Lean protein with lots of veggies and usually more carbs

For example, this past week we have Cajun chicken sauteed with broccoli, red bell pepper, snow peas, and spinach over brown rice penne with a white wine, garlic, and butter sauce.  The sauce sounds decadent because of the butter, but it’s really not.  It just tastes like it.  I only use a small pad of butter, and the Cajun seasoning, white wine, and garlic do the rest.

Mid-afternoon Snack

Usually kale chips, dark chocolate, peanuts, or popcorn.


This meal is almost always protein and veggies.  That’s it.  Like I said in a previous post, I sometimes have carbs at night but rarely.

For example, baked chicken sausages (Whole Foods carries several variations of these: roasted garlic and red bell pepper, hot italian, chicken chorizo, etc) over a bountiful salad.  We also rarely use salad dressing.  That is where most of the fat comes from in a salad and usually the juices from the meat you cooked will add enough flavor and moisture.  We have also been known to squeeze fresh lemon juice over a salad or use hot sauce.


I ALWAYS have a beer or two with dinner.  ALWAYS.

After Dinner Snack

I don’t always have an after dinner snack, but sometimes you just need a little something else.  I’m not a huge sweets person, but I do love me some pretzel M&Ms.  Or popcorn.  Or peanuts.  I definitely limit what I consume post dinner though.

I ALWAYS have a beer or 4 after dinner.  Well, almost always.  I don’t usually limit myself here.  Remember, that’s what working out is for 🙂