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Hello dear friends!  Yes, this is an actual post about food and drinking.  FINALLY.  It only took me a couple of months and deleting apps off of my phone to hunker down and do it.  But hey, here we are.


So I told you that J and I moved into our new home in May.  Well, I decided I needed a garden.  I also decided this far too early in the moving process, but we did it anyway.  So before one month had gone by I had started my very first “I own my own home so I’m going to have a garden” garden.  And J made the border for it for me.  See the pics below in stages, the last picture having been taken one week ago.



garden 04Aug14

I am growing strawflowers and mexican sunflowers to detract pests and birds (they are the larger plants on each end of the garden), red malabar spinach (on the trellis), bee balm, red bell peppers, gypsy peppers, jalapeno peppers, Tobago habanero peppers, scallions, garlic chives, sage, rosemary, thyme, and parsley.  Not too shabby for my first go round.  I have big aspirations for next year’s garden 🙂

About a week after planting my garden, I was a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s weddings.  See the pic below; I’m the really happy one pouring champagne for everyone in the limo.  There’s nothing I love better than helping people get intoxicated…with me.


And then after the wedding things began to calm down for us.  Hahahahahahaha…no, no it didn’t.  It’s ridiculous how many projects you can come up with once you move into a home.  And cooking may have gone by the wayside for me for short time during all of this.  Our lunches were sandwiches…yeah we had it rough…mesquite turkey and lomo americano.  If you’ve never had this before, please, please do.


Okay, wait…I feel like I’m back to making excuses for my lack of posting.  Enough of this, let’s move onto some serious home cooked food.  More specifically let’s talk about smoked meat.

J and I are still novices with smoking our own meats, but let me tell you they are goooooood.  So far we’ve smoked a couple of pork shoulders and briskets, a turkey breast, Russet potatoes, and jalapeno poppers wrapped in bacon (yes, you read that correctly and they are insane).  Check out the brisket.  We made this for our housewarming party, and it was devoured and rightfully so.


Here’s the pork shoulder, with rub pre-smoking.

pork shoulder

And I made more truffles!  This time I made them with Grand Marnier, coffee, and vanilla, and then I dusted them with some pink Australian sea salt.


I have also taken a couple of photography courses.  The second class I just took this past weekend.  Here a few shots that the teacher help me to “tone.”


P1000249t P1000369t P1000882t P1010853t

I am very excited about what I’ve learned in the classes so that I can take better pictures to show off some stuff for you all 🙂

Okay, I realize this post is a bit all over the place, but I wanted you all to see what we’ve been up to.  I promise I left A LOT of pictures out so that I didn’t inundate everyone.  My next post will be more cohesive, with a recipe and the beers that we are currently enjoying (which is most beers actually, but you know what I’m saying).

I’m so glad to be back!!