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Okay so I lied to you.  It was not premeditated though, I swear.  I promise you that I had every intention of writing a super amazing blog post, approximately two days after my last post.  And then a lot of things happened.  I can make more excuses but don’t think that’s necessary, do you? 🙂 But I have made a decision that I’m implementing starting today: I am not allowed to do mind-numbing, trivial things (Facebook for example) if I have a blog post I want to write.  Unfortunately that’s what I found myself doing in my downtime instead of blogging, reading books, etc.  I don’t actually have very much downtime, but nonetheless I am officially tired of it.  I deactivated my twitter account (which wasn’t too tough for me since I hardly ever used it…or really knew how to use it), and I deleted the Instagram and Facebook apps from my phone.  I need less distractions in my life, and I want them gone so I can focus on the things I truly enjoy and that make me happy.

So with that being said, I’m currently drafting my next blog post about a few new things happening around the Wheeler household.  I’m going to talk about smoking meats (everyone [with a yard or grill area] should own a smoker…I’m not kidding), my garden!!!!!, photography classes I’ve been taking, and more.

Talk to you in a few! 🙂