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There I was, needing groceries and slightly drunk.  Let me preface anything further by saying that buying groceries while tipsy is akin to doing so while you’re ravenous.  In other words, you buy a lot of shit you don’t need.  But I’m willing to bet that most of you folks that follow this here blog know what that experience is like already.

Anyway, in my tipsy-buying everything I saw-state, I happened upon a little jewel of a snack that I wanted to share with you.  Yes, this healthy and fit post is about buying snack food while drunk.  You’re welcome.

I love potato chips.  I rarely buy them, because they aren’t healthy.  Guess what I didn’t care about when grocery shopping that day?  I was perusing the snack aisle (dangerous but I was all out of will power), and I saw sriracha potato chips.  I’m pretty sure the bag looked like this at the time

potato chips

all mysterious and glowing (but probably not).  So I bought them.

Why am I telling you this silliness?  Well my friends, the moral of this story is: sometimes it’s okay to be drunk at the grocery store and buy food that isn’t good for you.  Because sometimes it’s delicious and worth it.  My new cheat snack.